Write For Us

Do you have writing skills for various technology, programming, SEO, mobile, security and digital marketing blogs? Do you want to share your information with the world?

Congratulations! You are in the right place. Please go through this page and you will know how you can contribute as a guest blogger and how can be the submission process.

If content quality standards are maintained, we guarantee that your blog posting will reach the right audience.

Before we start accepting guest posts, check out these facts

  • Accept the blog posts from qualified and knowledgeable people.
  • Double-check the qualification of the guest bloggers.
  • Content quality standards should be maintained.
  • Content should be engaged so that the audience loves to visit the website often.

Ask these questions to yourself before writing guest blog posts for our website?

  • Is this topic relevant to this website?
  • Is this an engaging and trending technological topic?
  • Am I qualified to write this blog post?
  • Will I be able to provide insightful content on this topic?
  • Will it contribute to the learning?

Guest writing & submission guidelines

Mentioned topics we welcome

  • Technology article (Software, mobile, security, machine learning and programming).
  • Digital marketing (Social media, SEO, PPC).
  • Business (Start-up and growth).
  • Trending technical news.
  • Frameworks
  • Any other topic of your choice but related to technology

Strictly prohibited mentioned topics

  • Gambling
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gaming
  • Product promotion
  • Adult content

The following tips will help you write guest posts

  • We only accept articles written in English.
  • Blog length should be around 1000 to 1300 words.
  • Provide unique copyright-free high-quality image banner with size of 720px (width) and 405px (height).
  • Pay close attention to content-breaking tips so that it looks attractive to grab readers’ attention.
  • You must include headings, subheadings, bullet points, links and images hence it catches the eyes of the readers.
  • Maintain content tone. Just because the content is compelling doesn’t mean you have to use heavy words that are hard to spell and pronounce. Content should be authentic but not robotics. If you have a good sense of humour, you should use it effectively for the quality of your content.
  • Never copy the content from other websites. Don’t send the content which has been published elsewhere, including your blog also. Please check the plagiarism before sending it to us.
  • We accept Links to relevant sources (only 1 link allowed) and also avoid spam or broken links in the content also (adult and gambling).
  • Sources should be named and linked properly.
  • Keep a record of articles and research papers if you are making facts.

How to submit?

We will publish content that fulfils the above guidelines but reserve the right to reject content that does not appear in accordance with the guidelines. We also reserve the right to adjust the content as needed to help improve the reader’s experience.

If you agree with the above guidelines, then send the content by Gmail document file and share the link at editor@techeupdates.com.

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