Top Extension for Web Developers or Designers to Boost Productivity


Extensions are computer programs that let users personalize their Chrome surfing experience. They are created using web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Welcome. Documentation for those who create Chrome extensions.

Developer-focused Chrome extensions to boost their productivity are egregiously underappreciated and unfairly ignored. They are vital resources for web developers and incredibly helpful even for those who don’t work with front-ends. However, because there are so many Chrome extensions, many developers are unaware of what they are missing out on.

So, we have made a list. These 16 Chrome extensions will increase your productivity as a developer. This article will discuss all those top 16 extensions and how we can use them.

Extensions for Web Developers

Here are the top 15 extensions for web developers to boost their productivity:

1. Session Buddy

You may manage browser tabs and bookmarks with the help of Session Buddy. Open tabs can be saved as collections for later restoration, they can be recovered after a crash, you can see all of your open tabs at once, and you can quickly search among open tabs and collections.

2. Picture in Picture

The Picture-in-Picture Chrome extension, developed by Google, enables you to watch films in a floating window on top of other windows. Perfect if you want to browse the web while watching a technical session.

3. SimpleExtManager

SimpleExtManager is a straightforward menu that simplifies installing, disabling, and enabling extensions. To build categories of extensions, you may also construct extension groups. A necessity to keep everything in order in a chaotic universe.

4. Web Developer

Originally a Firefox addon, Web Developer has since been integrated into Chrome. Your browser will now have a toolbar button containing various web developer tools, including the ability to see javascript, view meta tag information, and view link details. This plugin facilitates tasks for online marketers and site developers.

5. ColorZilla

An eyedropper, color selector, and gradient maker are all features of ColorZilla. With ColorZilla, a Firefox extension made accessible for Chrome, you can copy the color of any pixel on any webpage. It contains a webpage color analyzer that shows any website’s color scheme and keeps track of your color preferences.

6. CSSPeeper

You may create style guides and extract CSS with CSS Peeper. This plugin is for you if you stumble across a stunning website and want to know how it appears that way. It’s fantastic for web designers and developers who want to improve their front-end appearance.

7. Wappalyzer

Any website’s web technologies can be found with Wappalyzer. It can identify server software, e-commerce platforms, web frameworks, content management systems, analytics tools, and more. On the extension’s official page, you can search for any website and see what technology it employs as an alternative.

8. WindowResizer

You may simulate multiple screen resolutions with Window Resizer. For site designers who wish to test their design layout across several browser resolutions, a crucial Chrome addon. You can alter the window’s width, height, location, default icon, and other attributes to display only your desired resolutions. Furthermore offers the choice to export your settings to a different device.

9. Animo

With Animo, you can create custom CSS for any website and instantly see your changes. Change the fonts, colors, and even the layout of a page. When you sign into Chrome on any desktop device, you can sync your CSS to the cloud and view it there. The greatest Chrome plugin for previewing custom CSS, according to many.

10. CrxMouse

With CrxMouse, your mouse movements will be considerably more effective. Use mouse shortcuts to move back or forward, such as holding down the right-click button while dragging to the left. To increase the range of what your mouse is capable of, you may also alter how it moves.

11. FakeFiller

Fake Filler inserts fictitious or fake data into every input field on a page. This Chrome extension is essential if you work with forms as a web developer (and who doesn’t, at some point?). It eliminates the need to manually fill form fields with values and allows you to choose the kind of fictitious data that will be entered. The extension likewise disregards any hidden, disabled, read-only, or CAPTCHA fields.

12. Octotree

The browser add-on Octotree makes it much simpler to explore and evaluate code on GitHub. It facilitates speedy file searches, multi-tab support, and Omni bookmarking while quickly generating a code tree on GitHub that resembles an IDE. More than 400,000 developers use it.

13. Lorem Ipsum Generator

You can copy and paste the lorem ipsum text provided by this generator into websites. You can include variable-length paragraphs, titles, dates, email addresses, and postal addresses.

14. PerfectPixel

To compare a website’s pixels to an image’s pixels, you can use PerfectPixel to overlay a semi-transparent image over a website. This Chrome extension helps you create websites exactly how you modeled them, whether you’re a web developer or designer.

15. GoFullPage

GoFullPage takes a complete screenshot of the page you’re currently viewing without requesting further permissions. This one-click Chrome extension is very useful for web developers who want a comprehensive overview of a webpage, given the length of today’s web pages.


This article discussed the top 16 extensions for web developers or designers to boost their productivity. If you want to install any of the mentioned extensions, you can install them easily and use them. Installing extensions for web developers is important while designing or building a website because an extension can help them improve their design and boost their productivity.