Top Extension For Digital Marketing (SEO)


Many tools, plugins, and extensions are available to you as a digital marketer to simplify your job. Extensions: What exactly are they? An extension is a piece of software installed on the Google Chrome toolbar to assist us in personalizing our surfing experience. Most of these toolbar addons may be found on the right side and help users operate more efficiently. They are simple to use and can reduce our workload.

The top 10 Google Chrome extensions for SEO and digital marketing will be covered in this blog to help those professionals do their jobs faster, easier, and more effectively.

Top 10 Extensions you can use to Enhance your Digital Marketing


Mozbar is a comprehensive website analyzer that provides real-time information when browsing any page. A chrome plugin called Mozbar enables you to do various things, such as build custom searches, access and compare different link metrics across pages, examine the page and domain authority of individual pages, export the findings, and more.

Such extensions must always be available for a digital marketer or SEO specialist to facilitate speedy analysis and decision-making.

Google SERP Counter

Google SERP Counter, as its name suggests, assists us in keeping track of a specific website’s or blog’s position on the Search Engine Results Page. The position on the SERP is indicated by a number that is added next to the result.

It is advantageous since it cuts down on time required to manually calculate the position on the SERP. It facilitates the easy identification of the SERP position. With more than 20,000 users, this addon prominently displays the SERP.

Headline Studio

Marketers can use the Chrome extension Headline Studio by CoSchedule to improve their headlines to drive more attention.

To increase SEO, Headline Studio analyses headlines using a large amount of data and makes suggestions for stronger verbiage. It also compares your headline performance to that of your competitor’s headline performance.

The best headline-writing tool for marketers is Headline Studio, which helps them regularly create captivating headlines that stand out from the competition.


To provide a rapid overview of SEO data and recommendations on how to raise SERP (search engine results page) rankings, the SEO Pro Extension was created.

Incomplete SEO information on your website, such as images without ALT tags, will also be pointed out by SEO Pro Extension.

With SEO Pro Extension, you can also look at your competitors’ websites to learn how to improve your website for the specifics of your sector.

Page Analytics

Page analytics, a Chrome addon for SEO analysis, lets us examine how visitors engage with our website. The following metrics are shown when viewing a page with access to Google Analytics:

  • Active users
  • Pageviews
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time spent
  • Exit percentage
  • Active users

Google PageSpeed Insights API

We may view the current Google PageSpeed Score for desktop and mobile using the Google PageSpeed Insights Chrome Extension. Examining page speed is crucial because a slow pace can cause users to leave a website or application.

With the help of this plugin, we can check how well a website performs on multiple channels and the link that will take us to the requested page. We can view data such as the first meaningful paint, the time to interact, the total blocking time, and more.

Similar Web

We can look at various data using the Chrome addon Similar Web, including nation rank, global website rank, visits, bounce rate, engagement, and more. Allowing us to look at this information using tools rather than manually checking saves us time. We have quick access to comprehensive information.


Grammarly, one of the most widely used Chrome extensions, is a quick and simple solution to correct over 250 common errors. It enables us to proofread our writing and check for grammar, readability, active/passive voice, and spelling.

It serves as a second set of eyes and ensures that the content item, whether a blog post or an email, is free of grammatical issues. Writing a creative piece or sending an important client email? To be sure you don’t make any mistakes, use Grammarly. For content marketers and content producers, it is a need.


A buffer is a tool for managing and planning social media posts. We can schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with just one click. Several features enable us to check analytics, work with colleagues, and better use social media accounts.

It allows us to submit the blog straight to our social media channels or to put it in the queue for a later time slot. It is readily incorporated into various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.


Wordtune evaluates your work using AI technology to assist you in developing a more comprehensible and persuasive writing style.

Using an AI tool to improve your writing style can be quite helpful, even if Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines classify wholly AI-generated content as spam.


In this article, we have discussed the top extensions for digital marketing. We have discussed the top 10 extensions and their uses. In today’s digital age, digital marketing is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand careers.

If you’re new to the industry, you can learn digital marketing by enrolling in various online courses and upgrading your skills. Some free Chrome extensions can make our work easier as online SEO experts and digital marketers.