List of Popular Platforms For Free App Development

An application is software or a computer program which offers certain features to its users. It is designed in such a way that the features are bundled together to make it accessible. Developing such an application that can perform a different set of programs is known as apps development and a company that provides such services is known as an App development company, for example, consider the programs created for storage, document creation, and calculating monthly sales reports, etc. There are a few common steps that every application development company follows for developing any application.

These steps are for App Development

  • Step 1:  Collecting requirements for the application.
  • Step 2:  Designing the primary prototypes.
  • Step 3:  Implement different features by running different tests.
  • Step 4:  As a final step integrate or blend the functional units.

In today’s age application has become an important attribute for professional as well as personal use to create a hassle-free and user-friendly application low code development module of an application is used by a mobile application development company. One can also create their software free, thanks to new age open-source app development platforms. Here is a list of such popular platforms.

The List of Popular App Development Platforms for Free

1) Phone Gap

It is one of the most popular open-source software for mobile app development. this platform allows one to create a hybrid application. With the help of Phone Gap, one can develop any software through any language like CSS, HTML, or JS even if they do not know these languages. Apps develop through this software works on multiple platforms and can be reach by a maximum no of audience.

Using PhoneGap one can change any attribute of their app at any stage and apply them. Apps developed through this software work well on both desktop and mobile devices. Prime features of this software are-

  • Can be use for multiple platforms through a single code base.
  • Any change can be made at any stage in the app developed using this software.
  • Rapid testing is possible.
  • Runs perfectly on multiple devices including Android, iPhone, and Windows.

2) Build Fire

This software is another best platform for developing free applications however, the duration of free usage is limited to 14 days. Apps developed through this software have the capability of a high-end custom-developed model.

For any business that is about to fly high, it is perfect support which is accessible with more than 10 thousand apps. The functional drag-drop UI of this software is very simple, which makes it easier to build the app.

Due to its high-end production, this software is even appropriate for any small, medium, or large mobile app development company. Special features of this open-source software are-

  • Special collaboration tools are available.
  • Can be combin with third-party apps through collaboration tools.
  • Advanced features for reporting and analysis facilities are available.
  • The social networking and data modelling features are excellent.

3) Felgo

Apps created through the open-source app development software Felgo are compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, windows systems, and many other platforms. It can be use to design 3D games.

It is also possible to create an application for many different OS with a single codebase with Felgo. Due to its quickest framework, excellent support system, and easier way to learn it has been declared the first one among 40 leading tools. Important features of this software are.

  • Apps provided through this software have a specific concept for each platform and are well-design.
  • Great system for both business and game app development.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Works perfectly with web browsers even without SDK.

4) Ionic

Ionic is another platform where a beginner can create an application and the applications are support by most the devices or web. These apps are usually develop with a single codebase and they are hybrid.

Though the version of this software is suitable enough, there is also a professional version of this software available that can be use by an App development company, which has the extra facility of email support, app publishing, dashboard of cloud, and many more. A few remarkable features of this platform are-

  • Options for multiple integrations are available.
  • Dedicated support service and unique solution to all the problems.
  • Cordova-based application building is allow.
  • Faster development of apps and even faster testing.

Don’t Miss out On These…

Aside from the above platforms, there are a few more platforms to add to the list such as Native Script, Flutter, MobinCube, Apache Cordova and many more. These can be use to develop an application free of cost.

There are too many different ways for app developing so they can have different names also. But one thing is common among them and that is an app is always develop according to the satisfaction of customer usage. Here is an example of a few different models that an App development company can use.

  • Low code development model.
  • Rapid application development model.
  • Custom app development model.
  • Mobile application development.
  • Application to collect database.
  • Enterprise application module.
  • Web app development.