5 Best Personal Finance Applications for iPhone and Android

Financial Knowledge is one of the most significant factors to leading a daily life have financial management support is always a big pro for the one who struggles to manage his/her money, also being keen on the cash flow will help people to manage their daily expenses and also helps in saving a chunk of cash.

If you are very poor in finance management and looking for a guide to take notes, give ideas, enter the data, and showcase the monthly insights. Don’t worry in this technology age, apps rule the world in every field, and no wonder we have personal finance apps to manage our cash flow.

In this article, I will mention the 5 best personal finance applications for iPhone and Android that I have used and suggest to those who struggle to manage their daily expenses.

I have tried all these applications at least once and love using them. These 5 personal finance apps help me make the most of my finances, give me insights, and more. Hope, it suits you too.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the overview of the applications

1. Mint

The craziest part is application is free to use on iOS and Android for iOS Android

Mint, I hope you have heard the name at least once in your life. It is one of the most used and popular personal finance apps available on both iOS and Android. I started my financial journey with an application. Mint helps me manage my finances.

The application has all the essential features, from basic to the pro level. Let me list some of my favorite features that help me in my daily life. The first thing I like about using the app is its tracking feature.

The application is very keen on my expenditure. It tracks all my cash flow activities and sends me some tips on how to spend the money while also helping me save some cash. Using it I can easily know how I am performing financially.

Users can also create an overview of their budget planning, and when they are about to exceed their budget app sends an alert message indeed. The application’s UI is simple and easy to use even if you are in the basic level of financial literacy.

The craziest part is application is free to use on iOS and Android.

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2. (YNAB) You Need a Budget

Download the YNAB personal finance application for iOS | Android

Unlike providing all kinds of features the application follows a simple 4 rule method that helps users to manage their cash flow and helps them to have a piece of knowledge on their expenditure.

The Four rules are, knowing about finance, saving a chunk of cash, helping users to get out of debt, and meanwhile helping to attain financial freedom. The application is available on all platforms including, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, all sorts of Windows devices, and Android.

The application syncs with over 12000 banks across the world, it also has multiple device login support, so it is easy to sync on all other devices.

If you ask me, is the application worth using? For me, the short answer is unquestionably indeed – worth it, my financial savings from YNAB far outweigh its costs.

According to their website, new budgeters save, on average, $600 in their first two months using YNAB. Oh, and after a year, and over $6,000. But I haven’t earned that much from the application. It helps me to save a little cash from each purchase I make.

Unfortunately, the app is not completely free to use, but the app does have a 34-day free trial. You can fully use the app by entering data, and other stuff still, if you feel the app is suitable for that, you can. Pay $6.99 per month to continue using the app.

3. Acorns

Download the Acorns personal finance application for iOS | Android

If you are looking for the best finance app for investing then I would recommend you Acorns. The app allows users to invest wisely by providing tips and insights. Your money will be invested in a diversified way so you will have a smart portfolio with less chances of loss.

Users can connect their bank cards, like credit cards, to oversee each expense they attempt, so the application easily helps users save a little cash and makes the money to invest in the smart portfolio.

The app helps users to get a fortune for their future and is also reliable. Acorns is a secure app that encourages future investment. Your data is protected using some of the most advanced security and encryption techniques.

Instead of seeing the application as personal finance try seeing it like an investment application which also saves the cash from each expenditure in bonus.

Instead of using the free application Acorns provides the best plan for you and your family app includes a personal plan for $3 a month with a checking account to analyze your cash flow, investment account, and retirement account. And a family plan for $5, which includes surety for you and your family’s future.

4. Good Budget

The Good Budget personal finance application is free to download for iOS | Android

I like a feature in this application that I hope will be available on the other applications too, the Good Budget application allows users to create a separate envelope for each budget in every sector, they can track and analyze each envelope and see how it performs.

Users can make envelopes for all their planning classes like house rent, food, Groceries, and so on. From that point forward, you put away cash front and center in every envelope to spend because of classes.

It is hard to explain the envelope system in words, what I recommend is to try the application once and learn about the usage of the envelope method and see whether the feature helps you or not.

5. Personal Capital

The most interesting part is all the tools and features can be accessed for nothing.

Download the Personal Capital application for iOS | Android

By liking your bank account and credit card, the application will tell you insights into your overall expenditure and your abundance by connecting to your ledgers, Visas, IRAs, 401(k)s, home loans, and credits. The application will let you know when you exceed your fixed budget for a month.

One of the most useful features of the application is its investment strategy. The application will invest your saved money into tax-efficient assets, so the returns of your investment will not get affected by the tax system.

Unlike the other three applications, Personal Capital helps users in invest their money wisely in the most tax-efficient assets and bonds. So if you are looking for the best investment strategy application then I would recommend Personal Capital for you.

The most interesting part is all the tools and features can be accessed for nothing.

These are the 5 Best Personal Finance Applications for iOS and Android. If you are using any finance application and think that it is better than these, kindly notice it in the comment. I would love to hear.